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Cultural Tarragona

Tarragona was founded by the Scipios circa 218 BC and in a short time became the capital of Nearer Hispania,” leaving a Roman imprint on the land that endures down to today. The city's architectural complex was declared a World Heritage Site in the year 2000.

Walking through the city one finds Roman ruins at every turn. Of special note is the oldest of them all: the wall which circled the city, the lower part of which predates even the Romans, as it served to defend the Iberian settlement which had previously been established. There are currently three towers conserved: that of l'Arquebisbe, Cabiscol and Minerva. Another Roman creation is the amphitheatre, constructed in the second century. This was the city's major entertainment centre, along with the circus, which featured chariot races. Yet another structure is the forum, where the local elite gathered and socialized..

But if the Romans were known for one thing it was for their logistical prowess, with which they managed to erect and craft (with stone from the Médol quarry) two aqueducts which supplied the city with water. All of these remnants of a glorious Roman past may be visited in Tarragona and its environs.

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