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The Vía Verde (Green Path) by Bicycle: from Inland Lands Down to the Sea.

If you are mountain lovers, but do not want to be away from the sea, Costa Dorada is the place for you with its endless range of activities to carry out amidst nature. One of these is the Vía Verde or ‘Green Path’ in the Terres de L’Ebre. As you may know, these kinds of itineraries exist throughout various parts of the peninsula, and each of them has its own characteristics. Nevertheless, we would now like to focus on two specific ones located in the province of Tarragona: the Vía Verde of Val del Zafán in Baix Ebre and the Vía Verde of Terra Alta. We are absolutely certain that, after discovering them, you will only want to load your bikes in your car and set off to enjoy a wonderful day surrounded by nature. Shall we start this adventure then?

Vía Verde of Zafán in Baix Ebre

This is one perfect route to wander around the Terres de l’Ebre. It is actually an old section of the railway network of Val de Zafán, which starts in Teruel and has a total length of 101km.

The route can be started from different locations. However, if your intention is to complete it in one day, we recommend starting at Horta de Sant Joan and finish at Xerta, although you can continue until Tortosa. This way, nearly all the journey will be downhill, with a total of 26km which makes it ideal as a family activity. Yet, if you are passionate about bicycles and are looking for new challenges, you can do the same route in the opposite way, but this will require being really fit and having some experience. It is important to mention that this route can also be done on foot or by horse.

During most of the route, the path follows the Ebro river and is surrounded by two natural parks: the natural park of Els Ports and the Delta del Ebro park. Apart from this, it also goes through 19 tunnels and counts with 5 resting areas, which is why it is highly advisable to take mounted flashlights on your bikes.

For more information, please check Vía Verde of Zafán on our Vías Verdes (Green Paths) website.

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Vía Verde in Terra Alta

This is another of the existent Vías Verdes in Catalonia, which is located in the Terres de l’Ebre. It is a paved 23km path –longer than the one in Baix Ebre– which allows circulation on foot, by bicycle or by horse. It is important to mention that a part of the route has been adapted for disabled people in wheelchairs.

The route starts in Arnés-Lledó and ends in El Pinell de Brai. It crosses pine tree forests and stunningly beautiful landscapes such as canyons. As in the Zafán route, it is important to have a mounted flashlight on your bicycle since it goes through 20 tunnels which are not illuminated. It will be, without any doubt, an exciting and memorable experience!

Apart from this, during the journey you will find the La Fontcada Natural Spa, where natural water flows up from the ground at 28 o C which offer numerous health benefits. Doubtlessly, it is a unique place to enjoy with family, friends or your couple in an unforgettable scenery.

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