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The location of the campsites in Tarragona, inland and on the coast, makes them the best choice for those people and families who want to enjoy nature directly. These establishments stand out for their closeness to the sea (some of them are even beachfront) or for being in amazing locations inland.

This is the case of the campsites in the Prades Mountains, Els Ports or even the Ebro Delta, where you can find accommodation in the Biosphere Reserve, a unique location. There you can enjoy not only the camper experience but also the scents, the sounds and the landscapes that the nature has to offer. If you add the surroundings and the vegetation, Tarragona becomes the ideal spot for sport and nature lovers to enjoy their hobbies in such a wonderful setting.The features of its topography motivate you to practice sports such as cycling (road and mountain biking), hiking, diving, windsurfing, fishing, rafting, and many more. Natural pools such as the one in the River Gorg, mountains with an influence from the coast (Els Ports mountain range), waterfalls like the one in Siurana or the natural beach Toll de la Palla are some examples of the magnificent places you will find in Tarragona, where you can relax and breathe its fresh air. In short, the perfect combination of inland and mountain.In addition, Tarragona is also unique for its great cultural offer. It has been the epicentre of an intense creative activity, with geniuses such as Pablo Picasso, Pau Casals, Joan Miró or Antoni Gaudí, whose works you can get to know through the route 'The landscape of the Geniuses'. Furthermore, the capital, Tarragona, has some of the best-preserved Roman ruins, which were declared a World heritage site by UNESCO in 2000. You can visit these Roman remains (the wall, the amphitheatre or the forum) accompanied by our guides, who are specialized in telling the visitors everything about the history of imperial Tarraco. You can breathe creativity, history, culture and art in virtually every corner of Tarragona.


Discover some of the possibilities that the destination has to offer: sea, mountain, culture, nature, gastronomy, wines, leisure...


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Photo Gallery

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