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Mon Natura: Discover the Delta del Ebro

The Delta del Ebro is part of one of the natural parks of the peninsula with a higher recognition for its biodiversity and natural wealth. We would like to show you now the ideal way to get to know and understand the magic of the Delta, and also enjoy each of the most attractive natural and historical aspects of the area, whether it may be the traditional fishing, the observation of its unique birds or discovering its characteristic salt.

The Delta del Ebro natural park counts with a specialized interpretation space called MonNatura Delta, which is located in one of the historical buildings of the Tancada, which has been restored for this specific purpose. This observatory of the area of the Lands of the Ebre River will allow you to discover the wealth that lies within the natural ecosystem of the Delta, whether it may be with your family, couple or friends. Here, there is amusement and memorable experiences for everybody, especially for children, who will be able to know the Delta through the interactive technology available at this museum.

The Delta del Ebro: a Wonder between Sea and Land to be Discovered with your Family.

The humid area of the Delta –together with the balance of land, sea and fresh water– creates a natural environment with a unique allure and combination of animals and birds.

Furthermore, this area also holds one of the most important activities: traditional fishing. The esparavel, the gánguil, the busso –used to fish baby eels which swim in schools up the river– or the trasmallo are some of the fishing tools employed by fishermen and fisherwomen in the area. You can find a sample of the different traditional fishing tools at the wharf. For more information, please call our MonNatura Delta information telephone number: 977 053 801.

The Delta is a space for exploring and experimenting, which makes it ideal for the younger ones in the family to discover nature and the wonderful and mysterious secrets which await them.

Discover the Salt Flats of the Delta del Ebro

Salt is one of the most precious elements in the history of the Delta. This is due to its essential role in the economy of Tortosa during the Medieval Ages. It was not only used for cooking, but also to preserving food.

In your visit to the Delta, we recommend you not to miss the salt flats scale replicas which you will be able to find at our MonNatura Delta museum. The salt flats are storage ponds dug up by the inhabitants of the area which are filled with sea water, which slowly evaporates with the heat of the sun thus leaving the precious salt.

The visit to the salt flats will show both adults and young ones how this process takes place. You will be able to live this experience first-hand. It is absolutely unforgettable!

Delta Birding Festival

The combination of a humid and mild climate creates the perfect setting for the appearance of a wide diversity of birds in the Delta. Every September, this unique festival in Catalonia is celebrated. The Delta de l’Ebre has become one of the most popular destinations for bird lovers who like to do bird watching.

The festival programme includes courses, workshops, competitions and a great fair where you will be able to find an incredible range of services and products for those who like birds and nature. If you are interested, you can find more information on the Delta Birding Festival website held in September.

Enjoy the Delta del Ebro during your summer holidays

If we have convinced you to visit and discover the south of Catalonia, we would also like to recommend you to always check the weather before you set off on your journey in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. Perfect weather and a beautiful place should go hand in hand.

We recommend you to come during spring and summer since you will be able to enjoy the bicycle routes or hire a small peddling boat to discover the coast from sea. It will be an incredible experience!

Another location you cannot miss is the Alfacada, a lagoon which is incredibly popular for its biodiversity and is one of the most important nesting sites for birds.

Apart from this, we would also like to provide you with this map of the Delta for you to be able to plan your favourite route during your trip to the Delta del Ebro.

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