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Campsites are trendy

Year after year, more and more people that decide to spend their days off at a campsite. Sean vacation or weekend getaways, these spaces offer visitors a life experience that few other establishments can. The growing importance of camper sector in Catalonia is seen in the growing number of seats offered, if there were 231,780 seats in 2010, in 2014 (last year with absolute data) were 269,838, representing an increase of 17%. In 2014, the occupancy rate of the plots was 41%, three percentage points higher than in 2010. This increase has also said this summer: thus, the average occupancy of June, July and August in the 55 campsites part Association was 63%, representing one percentage point more than in Spain in 2014. There are 1,178 campsites currently. Among these, 349 campsites are in Catalonia, and of these 68 are located in the province of Tarragona.


The sustained growth of camping in Spain responds to various reasons. One is the ongoing modernization of its facilities and expansion of offers of accommodation, which has in the bungalows at its finest. Explains Berta Cabré, president of the Association of Camp de Tarragona, "bungalows are attracting the kind of audience that was not used to spending their days at a campsite. These visitors have their first contact with the camping stay in a bungalow. The usually very positive experience that leads you to stay in plot or caravan in later years. "


The upward trend of camping comes on the heels of significant investments facing each facility to better serve its customers. According Cabré explains each site of the Association of Camp de Tarragona invests an average of 110,000 euros, mainly for the rehabilitation of public areas, sports facilities, children's rooms and accommodation, something that this type of tourist destinations "should be very careful since it is one of the factors most valued by its customers. " Investments of campsites are also focused on expanding services provided entertainment in own accommodation such as courses, workshops, or animations for children and adults.


Ideal for families

The increase in the camping also responds to a growing specialization in family tourism, a segment in which the campsite is a reference. This is mainly because the facilities campsites combine closeness to nature with the necessary to enjoy a few days of rest facilities. This mixture allows children, youth and adults find their place in a relaxed and safe environment. In the case of the Camp de Tarragona, further emphasizes the closeness Port Aventura, a leisure center continuously open that attracts millions of people each year and ensuring a fun time for any family.

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