Reasons to go camping in springtime

Spring holidays are the perfect time to have a break and enjoy nature. Spring comes with flowery landscapes and the milder temperatures invite us to go on a jaunt. At this time of the year, camping is a perfect option to be in contact with nature, practice open air activities and have a good time with your loved ones. A few reasons to enjoy these days in one of the campsites of Camping Tarragona :

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Natural landscapes to explore from our campsites

Costa Daurada and Terres de l’Ebre’s mountains are an ideal place to spend your holidays. We encourage you to observe the territory so as to capture unique pictures and enjoy the nature and cuisine that there is hidden. Will you explore them from our campsites?
Campings Muntanya Costa Daurada
If you are active people: a lot of mountain sports and activities are waiting for you. From canyoning, climbing or kayaking to biking trails on foot or by 4×4. Prades Mountains, the Serra del Montsant, the Natural Park and the Ports are examples of this natural heritage that offer these services. In Prades, you are also encouraged to visit the red villa; in Montsant there are routes to discover many churches and the spectacular and in Ports let yourself be captivated by the routes that boast about the natural beauty of a unique place.
If you love wine and food, the mountain is also a destination to explore. There, you will come across a sundry of vines that climb up the mountain, restaurants recipes that combine traditional cuisine and products with a quality stamp, grown in nature. These regions do have a unique DNA, don’t miss out the Priorat, Montsant, Conca de Barbera, Terra Alta or Camp de Tarragona.
Spectacular viewpoints, peaceful villages of a great natural beauty, unique landscapes, and one of the richest flora and fauna to discover … What are you waiting for visiting these spots?
Enjoy this natural destination that will surely fascinate you!

Refresh yourselves on Costa Dorada and Terres de l’Ebre’s campsites

The best way to beat excess heat is, without any doubts, having a dip in the swimming pools that offer Costa Dorada and Terres de l’Ebre’s campsites.


The campsites which are in this Association offer great ideas, some with attractions such as water slides, jets and several facilities to spend time while refreshing ourselves.

In addition, some campsites offer entertainment with a privileged scenario in the pools. This way, we suggest you to make water aerobics, games and funny activities, too.


Have you made out which campsites do offer swimming pools yet? Have a look and then choose one from this link; you will ertainly find an offer that suits you.

Trendy experiences by Càmpings Tarragona: what you shouldn’t miss!

Do you like history? Do you want to know what wasthe life like during the ancient Roman Tarraco? This summer, the Tourist Board of Tarragona suggests you to enjoy a new edition of ‘Tarragona Historia Viva’, with many interesting suggestions to make you feel like a Roman. In Cambrils the brand new programme of the Music Festival is waiting with a spectacular lineup and in the Terres de l’Ebre there are many villages which will be celebrating the most magical Town Festivals! Enjoy them this August!

The Music in Ancient Rome
4th and 11th of August at the amphitheater
A triumph in Rome
5th and 6th of August at the Amphitheater
12th and 13th of August at the Amphitheater
Tarragona in 1800
26th and 27th of August in the Archaeological Passeig

2nd and 3rd of September at the Old Town Hall


@Rafael López-Monné



Sesamo On Tour

Every Sunday and Monday in two sessions, the square Francesc Germà (August 15 there will be no action)

Golden nights

From 9 to 15 August

Fountain’s Show

Every day

Sésamo On Tour
Vila-seca and La Pineda

Sessions cinema

10 August 24

Reading Club for children

10 August 30


August 3rd
Miguel Poveda
August 4th
Josep Carreras
August 5th
August 6th
Sopa de Cabra
August 7th
El gusto es nuestro
August 8th
Antonio Orozco
August 9th
Sweet California
August 10th
August 11th
Alejandro Sanz


Festivities in the Terres de l’Ebre
From 12th to 21st of August
From 13th to 23rd of August
From 15th to 23rd of August
Les Cases d’Alcanar


Recommendations for swimming safely in the pool and the sea

Enjoy a bath is always a refreshing and fun activity for both children and adults. But one must follow safety tips to avoid exposing ourselves to unnecessary risks.

To safely enjoy a good dive in the beach, we share some of the Ministry of Interior of the Generalitat’s recommendations.

  • Please check the status of the sea with the flags of the beach:
  • The red flag means it is utterly prohibited to swim.
  • The yellow flag warns that caution should be taken while one is swimming.
  • The green flag confirms that the swimming conditions are good
  • On arrival at the beach, you have to know where it is the supervisory staff; but also bear in mind there are some areas demarcated for water sports, which must also be respected and one should avoid swimming if digestion is not over.
  • If you see someone who is suffering from any health problems, we must alert the lifeguard or call 112.
  • If you are sick, you should not get inside the water and you ought to tell someone.
  • Do not jump into the water in rocky areas or areas where you do not know the depth.


La-Móra_López Monné

©Rafael López-Monné/TarragonaTurisme


And in the pool you can also enjoy swimming safely. How?

  • Follow the instructions of lifeguards, the signs to use the pool and the springboard for its depth.
  • If children cannot swim, they must wear a vest or get a bubble adapted to their age.
  • Avoid pushing children and adults, empty the chain slides or play around pool.
  • You can not use any material that presents a risk to swimmers.




And now … enjoy the refreshing bath!