Find out what’s new at Campings Tarragona

The new tourist season is underway at Campings Tarragona, the Tarragona Campsites Association, and what better way to start than by telling you about all the new improvements we’ve made to our campsites this year.

These new features are the result of our ongoing efforts to make our sites even better, so you can enjoy quality holidays in the most comfortable surroundings.

Let’s find out what’s new!

The Camping Ampolla, Torre del Sol and Camping Resort Playa Montroig campsites have started the season with improvements to their swimming pools. This summer, you can enjoy a truly refreshing dip with slides, waterfalls and water games for the whole family.


Splash Pool – Camping Playa Montroig

Access and security on our campsites is also something we pay close attention to, and the campsites Camping Resort Sangulí Salou, Camping Stel and Camping Resort La Siesta have invested in improvements to make your holidays even safer.


Equally important are the spaces reserved for plots, whether for caravans, motorhomes or tents. The sites Camping Resort Sangulí and Càmping Alberg Tivissa have made improvements to some of their camping areas and plots so that you can enjoy the greatest comfort during your stay.


In terms of services, the campsites Camping Ampolla, Camping Arc de Barà, Camping Ametlla, Camping Resort la Siesta, Camping Resort Sangulí Salou and Camping Resort Playa Montroig have been working to improve a range of areas (toilet blocks, recreational games, landscaping, reception, sports areas and other facilities) to ensure every detail of your stay is perfect.



Other of our campsites, such as Camping Beach Resort Creixell, Camping Resort Sangulí Salou, Camping Ametlla, Camping Stel and Camping Torre del Sol have purchased new furniture and fixtures.


And then there are the improvements to the purchasing experience and customer information, such as the new website launched by the Arc de Barà campsite, for quicker and easier bookings.


Here at the Association we also like to keep ourselves looking fresh, which is why we’ve rolled out a new image and new logo. And there are more surprises to come next year!


Now you know what’s new at our campsites, it’s time to get packing. Visit our website to find your perfect campsite from among more than 50 options and enjoy a unique holiday in fantastic surroundings!

Cool down in the natural swimming pools of the Campings Tarragona area and discover a surprising environment

Beyond the fantastic beaches of the Costa Dorada and Terres de l’Ebre, at Campings Tarragona we also have fantastic rivers which offer perfect pools and waterfalls to cool down in during the hottest days of summer.

After strolling through the tracks and paths between valleys, cliffs, forests and straits, finding a natural pool is always a surprise that fills us with joy.



Discover these privileged spaces!



Surrounded by a beautiful landscape, in the heart of the Serra de Pàndols and Caballs, we find the thermal baths of Fontcalda in the municipality of Gandesa. A charming setting with lots of vegetation, pine and rock forests that accompany the river Canaletes.

With a temperature of 28 degrees, the thermal baths of Fontcalda, known as “Els xorros” are a medicinal mineral source, as the water that flows there is full of magnesium, sodium chloride and calcium carbonate.

It is accessed via the Via Verda that crosses the old railway line of the Val de Zafán. A great tour of tunnels, old railway stations and wonderful landscapes to enjoy cycling and discover a unique natural environment.

© Consell Comarcal de la Terra Alta


Located in the heart of Els Ports Natural Park, the Toll de Vidre is a natural pool with easy access either by bicycle or by car. Formed by the Algars River, it is a unique natural space where all the family can enjoy the natural slides or the jumps from the rocks.

© Consell Comarcal de la Terra Alta


Located in the Terres de l’Ebre and not far from the Serra del Montsià, the Toll dels Arenals is a natural pool formed by the Sènia River. It is easily accessible by car and is ideal for the little ones at home where they can enjoy the fresh, shallow waters.

© Ajuntament de la Sénia


After mentioning the natural pools of Terres de l’Ebre, now it’s time to talk about the Costa Daurada. One of the spaces par excellence is the Niu de l’Àliga in Alcover. Accessible on foot and formed by the river Glorieta, it is a fascinating setting between cliffs and leafy forests.

Water is the main attraction here, as it constantly flows along the path, creating multiple natural swimming pools to cool us down in summer.

© Joan Alberich-Museu d’Alcover


Along the Brugent River you can enjoy different natural pools with crystal-clear water hidden between rocks and vegetation. A perfect place to play aquatic games while enjoying nature. The main source of this river is in Capafonts, an ideal place to carry out multiple trips with the family.

© Rafel López-Monné


Formed by a slit on the rock of the Serra de la Mussara, the Avencs de la Febró are very beautiful, accessible on foot from the refuge of La Mussara. The path that leads there is in the shade for a good part of the way, as it is surrounded by forest.

© Ajuntament de Prades

After a short walk, you will discover multiple natural pools with waterfalls and fresh, crystal-clear waters. Take the time to relax at Campings Tarragona, and enjoy this environment, breathe in fresh air and have a good dip.

We are waiting for you!

Campings Tarragona now welcome pets

If you are considering enjoying a few days of nature and the outdoors to get away from the stress of everyday life with your family, then now you can include your pet in this plan. Campings Tarragona now welcome pets and are waiting for you to come and have a perfect holiday!

Dog sleep in the summer garden and enjoy hammock.


When a campsite loves animals, you can tell. Coastal campsites, right on the beach, campsites in the mountains between wells, cliffs and green valleys. Different and varied, with numerous options to have a great holiday, with something in common: they are so ideal that they deserve holidays with our pets and, in addition, if we can relax and enjoy the natural atmosphere, it will definitely be a holiday to remember forever.

Apart from being fun, going camping is an experience that is within everyone’s reach. And when we say everyone we also take into account our life companions: our dearly loved pets.

At Campings Tarragona, we have been working so that your experience with your pet is perfect. There are campsites that have created spaces for dogs, others which have a special swimming pool where they can cool down on the hottest days, and some even have parks only for them!


If you are getting excited just by thinking about it, imagine what it’ll really be like!

Pet Friendly Camping & Resort Sangulí Salou

Foto: Camping & Resort Sangulí Salou



The different campsites that offer the opportunity to stay with your pet on plots in the province of Tarragona are:

On pitches: 


And those which allow you to stay in bungalows with your pet are:



But, this doesn’t stop here. In the province of Tarragona, you will be able to enjoy the Mediterranean beaches, with crystal-clear waters and soft golden sand, where dogs are welcome.


La Platjola in Alcanar

300-metre-long and 15-metre wide unspoilt beach. It is the ideal place for those who love spending the day at the beach with their pets, open to all dogs and their owners.


Desembocadura de la Riera de Alforja in Cambrils

A perfect beach to enjoy the hottest days of summer in the heart of Cambrils. A safe place where dogs can play, run and swim in the relaxing waters of the Mediterranean.


Cala Bon Caponet in l’Ametlla de Mar

Small idyllic cove for enjoying an untouched environment with our pets. Fine sand and crystal-clear, shallow waters allow us to spend the day at the beach with our pets.


Bassa de l’Arena in the Delta del Ebro

Typical unspoilt beach in the Delta del Ebro. It stands out due to its great length, crystal-clear and shallow waters. It is an ideal place to enjoy a day at the beach with the family.

Punta del Riu in Mont-roig del Camp

With a length of 100 m and an average width of 80 m, fine sand and calm waters, it is a place where you can do all kinds of sports and where our pets are welcome.


young female with retriever dog playing on the beach during sunset or sunrise


Come and enjoy your holiday with all the family and discover Campings Tarragona. Check out our website and fall in love with your ideal campsite for the perfect holiday.

Happy holidays, woof woof!


Trick-or-treating in Campings Tarragona

Are you looking for a different option to spend the most terrifying night of the year? Do you want to do something different and to take advantage of an outdoors weekend? We have the solution: you can now combine the celebration of the Halloween magic night or discover the Catalan traditional Castanyada during an escapade with your family in a campsite at CampingTarragona.IMG_6524

To escape from the stress of the everyday life and to tighten the links between you and your children: organize an escapade in a campsite! You will get in touch with the nature and take advantage of an environment which promises you a lot of adventures, make new friends, realize outdoors activities … For Halloween, Costa Daurada and Terres de l’Ebre’campsites are ready to welcome you for this occasion: Enjoy a great adventure with you family!

This year thus, we suggest you spending a special Halloween night in a campsite : Take a look at the Camping and Resort Sangulí Salou, the Camping Serra de Prades, the Camping Joan, the Camping Playa Montroig, the Camping Eco-Vinyols, the Camping la Masia, the Camping Arc de Barà, the Camping Els Prats Village and the Camping Sirena Dorada among others, They are ready to celebrate this special night with you!

Caravans decorated with pumpkins, candles, cobwebs and some skeletons: the atmosphere is terrifying! You will stroll in horrible passage which will make you shudder! You will see parades in the streets hearing howls wolves in the background. Thematic shows will enjoy all the family in this mythical night. Make-up workshops for children will transform them into terrifying characters! You will also get lost in the Jungle of the Fear, between huge spiders and zombies. You can finally participate in the competition of the most terrifying disguises and many other activities, concocted by Campsites Tarragona for this special night!

In the All Saints’ Day, you cannot miss the Castanyada celebration, the most important celebration of the autumn: the figure of the Castanyera who will go down from the mountain to visit us and to distribute grilled sweet chestnuts and soft potatoes. She is also a good storyteller, it is a mythical character of the Catalan culture: children adore her! We will celebrate her coming in some of our campsites in CampingTarragona with several activities. This day is too the occasion to discover panellets, delicious small round cakes with pine nuts, almonds, lemon or chocolate …

Come to celebrate this night with your family and live an incredible experience where everybody will be delighted: a unique and very special experience!

Furthermore, in the CampingsTarragona surroundings, you can opt for spending one day in PortAventura, the Costa Daurada thematic Park: These days, we also celebrate Halloween there, between pumpkins, skeletons and witches: a lot of surprises are waiting for you!

You can also visit historic streets of Tarragona where a simple stroll will make you travel across time… the Mediterranean Coast will charm you with its landscapes, the impressive Delta of the Ebro too! You can finally opt for a Priorat wines tasting, and so many other things…


Visit our site website and booking now your Halloween night: more than 25 campsites are waiting for you! Is not to be missed!

This autumn, let have a unique enotourism and gastronomic experience

Summer is ending but not our wishes to have some unique moments with our family and friends! One of the most “appetizing” opportunity for these next holidays is to discover the Camping Tarragona vicinity and especially its wines: a unique gastronomic and oenology experience.

Accommodated in one of Tarragona Campsites, we will search and discover all the secret places of our Protected Designation of Origin (D.O): Priorat, Conca de Barberà, Penedés, Terra Alta, Montsant or Tarragona. Yes, our region is one of the most important oenology points in the world!

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