What size should a family camping tent have?


Are you thinking about your next holidays but you don’t have a camping tent just yet? We’ll provide 5 great ideas on the following post, so you get the perfect camping tent for some pretty unforgettable holidays.


  • Firstly, identify the way the tent will be used and what size it should be. Let’s not forget, it should be comfy for hours, no matter the weather.


  • Secondly, you should ask yourselves what kind of holidays you’re looking for. If you’d rather spend a short period of time, that it, two or three days, or even a weekend, you should get a tent that is both very light and easy to set up. However, if you’re willing to spend a long period of time on holidays, you should go for a tent that has a wider habitable area, with plenty of storage space for our camping tools and equipment.


  • And now, do you know how many people are you taking with you? A tent’s capability is yet another factor to consider when buying yours. If you’re going on a long holiday, we’d like to suggest tents with opposite rooms, and day and night areas.


  • What would be a fair price? Quality should be a key factor. Our tip: buy a tent with a minimum of quality, so the investment really pays off.


5 reasons that explain why this is the perfect choice for the whole family.

Many people have never been camping, but this is bound to change thanks to mobile homes. Here’s 5 reasons that explain why this is the perfect choice for the whole family.



No initial investment is needed. Check out the usual camping experience. You just need: your family, a suitcase and an urge for fun.


Be in touch with nature. Campsites are a great lifestyle and a proper way to enjoy your holidays. And you’ll be surrounded by nature! Stepping out into your mobile home’s terrace and admiring trees, plants, birds… with no tarmac… breathing pure air and feeling the power nature provides is simply incredible!


Want to travel while feeling confortable? This is for you! Mobile homes are fitted with all the necessary equipment: household, towels, sheets, air conditioning, a dishwasher…. (Watch out! Not all of them have the very same equipment… you’d better check out first)


But what it you just want to rest? Well, just do it… there’s no need to cook if you can’t be bothered. These days, campsites provide users with half or full board included, various restaurants, take away service… and how about a barbecue in your own terrace? You choose! And here’s the point… you just do what you want to do!


Entertainment and friends for kids. Children have tons and tons of fun, activities, swimming pools, slides, dedicated areas… The campsite provides them with the perfect environment to feel free, be on their own, make new friends… and make them feel confortable with themselves. And while they’re having the time of their lives… you can relax! How about a quiet dinner on the terrace… while your kids plays around, on their own or with other kids… doesn’t it sound great?


If you don’t know what campsites can make for you and your family, check it out thanks to mobile homes, ideal for families, with capacity for 4-6 people, located near the coastline or the mountains, vegetable gardens, farms…

Many people have never been camping, but this is bound to change thanks to mobile homes

Find over 4.000 mobile homes within the Tarragona area! Are you in?

The season starts at the campsite

Winter months in campsites are synonymous to hard work. During this season we carry out major restoration and rehabilitation. From the development of the bungalows, the redesigning green areas, the rehabilitation services delivery and the bathrooms improvement to the painting process.

Undoubtedly, it is hard work but we love it. It is as if it were a tune to redisplay again, the best of our images. So in our campsites we absolutely adore living actively!

Therefore, this new season, which starts during the first weeks of March, Costa Daurada and Terres de l’Ebre’s campsites are just the finishing the tiniest details so that improvements are visible and come in handy. From now on, you can enjoy the best stages of your life. In our campsites we hope you can accomplish thousands of experiences; from the smallest to even the seniors. Take a trip through the fresh openings that have been prepared on this link and book your experience! We are waiting for you!