Discover the ‘Glamping’ on the Costa Daurada and the Terres de l’Ebre.

In recent years, the world of camping has evolved to become a trend. The image of the traditional camping is outdated and now new leisure Resorts are emerging, offering more targeted services for families, lovers of the sea or the mountain… For trendier people, “glamping” is the ideal choice. “glamping” is a form of more glamorous camping, a luxury getaway in the heart of nature.

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How to choose your ideal camping

High season is not here yet, but we can already hear the spring footsteps. Yes, the nice weather is approaching and with it the desire to go out, to be in touch with nature and above all, to have fun with our loved ones. Experiences and adventures are waiting for us! But doubt falls on us when want to know how we can choose the best camping for our needs, one of the key points that will affect the development of our trip, that is why we need to choose wisely.

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Tips for buying a second hand caravan


Are you one of those who like to keep in touch with the nature while traveling? Are you looking for full independence in organising your leisure time? Have you ever thought about going on holiday ‘on a house’ to enjoy a vacation without stress and enjoy the freedom and convenience of a campsite?

If you answered yes to these three questions, you have probably already considered getting a caravan and go camping. Today we offer a few tips to help you buy a second hand caravan and convince you that your dream is much closer than you think.

First of all, when you buy a second hand caravan, review all the documentation and the data sheet of the vehicle. For instance: the TAR vehicle (the unladed weight of the car); the MMA’s car (the maximum allowable mass in kilograms by car); the MMR car (maximum towable mass of the car in kilograms); the MMC and towed set of the car (the maximum mass of the whole vehicle). You should know one is not allowed to drive a caravan weighing more than 75-80% of the TAR of the car. In this regard, the amount of MMA and MMR must always be lower than the MMC. You must also review the drag approved in kilograms of the ball hitch that the trailer can tow.

Regardless, however, of these technical requirements, most of the websites specialized in caravans agree to highlight that other details of the caravan should also be reviewed with special attention. Which ones? For example, the wheels and the tires. It is advisable to check the date of the tires manufacture although it would also be a good idea to change them after the purchase. It often happens that we focus on the external appearance, although we should have a closer look inside the caravan. You ought to check the status of running lights, moons and the glass, the scratches and dents. Inside, if you press with your fingers the ceiling, you will notice wither the caravan has any humidities.


Another thing to try before you buy the caravan is the proper functioning of the 220v current (putting up different devices such as the air conditioning or microwave), gas (heating, cooking hobs and fridge ), and the regulator. If it works with propane, this works to 37 millibars of pressure, and is the perfect option for winter trips since the vehicle is not frosted. If it works with butane, however, it operates at 30 millibars and may cause problems in winter. We must also test the operation up to 12v, hooking the cable car caravan to the pineapple and lighting the running lights (or brake lights), the toilet cistern, the interior lights and the fridge.

Finally, it is important to check whether the trailer has stabilization and inertial brakes, as well as check the handbrake to see that the caravan does not move. Regarding the Thetford (a portable toilet) check the grey and black water deposits have no losses.


Once done these examinations, you have your caravan ready to go up and down the Costa Dorada and Terres de l’Ebre and fully enjoy their coastal and inland landscapes. Have a lovely trip!

Natural landscapes to explore from our campsites

Costa Daurada and Terres de l’Ebre’s mountains are an ideal place to spend your holidays. We encourage you to observe the territory so as to capture unique pictures and enjoy the nature and cuisine that there is hidden. Will you explore them from our campsites?
Campings Muntanya Costa Daurada
If you are active people: a lot of mountain sports and activities are waiting for you. From canyoning, climbing or kayaking to biking trails on foot or by 4×4. Prades Mountains, the Serra del Montsant, the Natural Park and the Ports are examples of this natural heritage that offer these services. In Prades, you are also encouraged to visit the red villa; in Montsant there are routes to discover many churches and the spectacular and in Ports let yourself be captivated by the routes that boast about the natural beauty of a unique place.
If you love wine and food, the mountain is also a destination to explore. There, you will come across a sundry of vines that climb up the mountain, restaurants recipes that combine traditional cuisine and products with a quality stamp, grown in nature. These regions do have a unique DNA, don’t miss out the Priorat, Montsant, Conca de Barbera, Terra Alta or Camp de Tarragona.
Spectacular viewpoints, peaceful villages of a great natural beauty, unique landscapes, and one of the richest flora and fauna to discover … What are you waiting for visiting these spots?
Enjoy this natural destination that will surely fascinate you!